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On our platform you are the sole owner of your data, and you pass it on to whoever you choose.


Our values

Personal information owning​

We believe that your personal online information should be yours, so it’s up to you to decide how to profit from it, if at all.


Addlater’s personalized tools give you the power to control your search preferences and the results you get back. It ensures that the ads you receive are only relevant to your personal preferences


We created this platform so users who decide to share valuable information with the advertisers will also gain profit from it.

Freedom of Choice

We designed our platform so you can decide how you want Addlater to work for you.


We believe that all users have the right to understand and know how exactly Addlater works (and gains) from it’s set of tools in a clear and easy way without any confusing or hidden small print.


We cannot grant you privacy on the entire web, but on Addlater we treat your privacy as top priority.
We do not use tracking cookies or hidden algorithms and we will never use your data for anything except for what you have agreed to do with it.

It's not a secret

that our online data is being sold. The preference we make and the personal information we leave behind is worth a lot of money. The ultimate goal of this information gathering is to get our attention,  in order to get us to purchase immediately.

we believe that...

Consumerism should be free of manipulations, maneuvers, and false promises. We consider every consumer to be an equal player when it comes to online commerce. We believe that the  tool that we have created has the ability to bring customers back into the equation and give them the tools required to buy smart.

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