Welcome to ADd Later

ADd Later is changing the perception that exists in the digital advertising world . As part of this advertising revolution, the consumer gains complete control over his advertising content and earns a critical added value – the sacred right to privacy.

ADd Later breaks down the trust barriers between the consumer and the brand . After all, there is no conflict between the two interests

Advertisements appear within content sites and social networks, where the user enters to be updated and not with the intention of shopping – the task of the advertisers is to make the users lose focus and interest them in something that may be relevant to them by various targeting

ADdLater gives consumers the ability to save products and advertisements from around the web within their personal feed and thus neutralizes the marketing manipulations.

In addition, consumers choose from whom to receive the advertisements – and pass on the relevant information they choose, thus receiving relevant offers from businesses they are interested in hearing from.


We are soon to launch the platform that will change your consuming experience once and for all.
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