you just gained control over your consuming life.


Save Products and Ads

With ADdLater you can save ads you like and see them when it suits you

Global cart

ADdLater is a smart global cart where you organize your consuming life. It is your own private mall. 

Personal offers

Based on your savings and the information you have chosen to give only, receive accurate offers from businesses you liked.

We don't guess, WE ASK

It’s time for you consumers, to take an active part in the world of advertising, and decide whom to receive ads from.

With AdDLater, you choose which information you want to give, just like to a seller in the store. You decide what relevant information to give, and we guarantee that no personal and irrelevant information will be passed on to any party.

No manipulations No data mining  No spam Shop smart Gain privacy Gain control

AdDLater is a platform free from manipulations. This is where you will have a consensual relationship with the brands you love.

You will receive special offers based on ads and products you have saved and information you have chosen to give to the business

How does it work?

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The larger the community will be, the greater the benefits it will receive. 


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