This is a Beta version
and you are the first members of our product!

As for now, we try to maintain a limited amount of users so we didn’t upload the plug-in to the Chrome extension store yet. To enjoy the plugin’s capabilities, please follow the instructions and activate it manually.

Last update  | 31.08.2022  

Thank you for joining us

What do you need to know
before you start?

As you know, we are currently in a pilot, so we are not yet interested in going up to the Chrome extension store. In order for you to experience ADdLater in the most convenient way you will need to install the plugin manually at this stage, it is not very complicated, and we will greatly appreciate the effort so that you can give us the most relevant and accurate feedback.
here are the steps for installing the extension, if you having trouble please let us know on

first, download the extension file

 you must do it because you can’t upload a zip file

Last update  | 31.08.2022  

click on the extension icon on your chrome browser toolbar

click on manage extensions

on the top left section, click on “load unpacked”
(make sure that the developer mode is on)

select the unpacked folder and the extension should be activated on your browse

We know you're busy. We appreciate the time you take to participating in the first version of our product! This is a very exciting time for us and we are happy to share it with you.

Last update  | 31.08.2022  


We are soon to launch the platform that will change your consuming experience once and for all.
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